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17/01/2011 - 29/10/2021
Bettembourg / Livange - Luxembourg

- Polyvalent sales assistant
- IATA responsible (transport of dangerous goods)
- Holder Staff representative
- Trainer of subsidiaries abroad
- IATA stock management
- Creation and maintenance of the company newsletter
- Welcome and interview of new joiners
- Transport and import / export documents
- IMDG and ADR accredited
- COVID-19 Referent

20/10/2003 - 31/10/2010
Crauthem / Contern - Luxembourg

- ISO secretary and setting of applications for the various procedures and ISO process
- Application of the ISO rules and follow-up of the procedures installation
- Participation in quality audits and internal controls
- Shipper for the transport of the goods from our French or foreign customers
- Administrator Network and IT manager
- Installation of computer material, breakdown service and maintenance
- Installation wiring network and Ethernet
- Training of the various executives of the company with computer tools
- Managing of the various trainees of the company and reports
- Creation of commercial letters, timeplans, and prices
- Creation of Web sites, e-mails, and logos for the company
- Creation of tables, graphs, geographical maps and images
- Creation of a collection of contacts transport and maintenance of these relations
- Creation of taxation, weighing, prices, and automation of tasks programs
- Creation of newspaper of the company
- Creation of presentations, diapos, banners and logos for textiles
- Storekeeper, driver, and preparation of orders by categories of products
- Deliveryman and warehouseman of products, and inventory
- Management of the switchboard
- Person in charge of the closing of the offices and the warehouse
- Invoicing of storage and follow-up of stocks
- Classification and arrangement of the files and setting for a new system of research
- Creation of CMRs computerized and programs for follow-up of transport
- Translations and management of the phone calls and letters in various languages
- Reception of the public and presentation of the company
- ...

07/01/2002 - 28/06/2002
Differdange - Luxemburg

- Management of a panel of customers by agent
- Management of the exchanges between the various subsidiary companies
- Administrator Network and IT manager
- Classification, arrangement and organization of the data-processing section

18/09/2000 - 31/12/2001
Howald - Luxemburg

- Management of the offers and tenders of the company
- Management of the invoices and customer orders

15/03/1999 - 30/06/2000
LUTETIA CARRELAGES CEDEC (European Ceramics company)
Maizières les Metz/Sémécourt - France

- Secretary and Commercial Assistant
- Management of a wallet of customers France and Export
- Commercial Management of the orders including/understanding:
* Recording and Availability
* Follow-up of the order and assistance to the customer
* Follow-up of transport and customs formalities
* Follow-up of the litigations and complaints from customers